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    【中国潜水装备网】Ikelite品牌 佳能HF G10摄像机防水壳

      【品名】Ikelite品牌 佳能HF G10摄像机防水壳


      【型号】Canon HF G10, HF G20
      【产品介绍】Molded of clear polycarbonate to provide seamless construction and corrosion proof performance. This "Clearly Superior" design provides full view of the camcorder, control functions, and assurance the system is safe. The camera's large viewing screen can be seen easily using the External Mirror on the side of the housing. Just open the camera's LCD monitor, rotate 180º and fold back against the side of the camera.Actual image will be reversed when viewed through the mirror.

      A magnified Super-Eye Viewfinder is provided for enhanced viewing of the camera's optical viewfinder.

      Fail-safe mechanical controls are provided for important camera functions. Access to the camera's touchscreen menu functions including white balance and manual focus is provided via two controls.

      The tray and handles remove with just two nuts for packing. Includes two 3/8-16 threaded stud mounts with wing-nuts for attachment of PRO-2800, PRO-V8 or Pro Video mounting arms. Optional weighted bases are available for additional stability above and below water.


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