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  • 【中国潜水装备网】Canon 5D Mark-3 Housing 防水罩 摄像机防水壳
      【品名】Canon 5D Mark-3 Housing防水罩 防水壳
      【型号】5D Mark-3

      【品名】Canon 5D Mark-3 Housing防水罩 防水壳
      【型号】5D Mark-3
      1. 5D Mark-3 housing body
      CNC machined full aluminum, sturdy body prevents internal condensation in

      It  is  designed  to  maximize  efficiency  and  comfortness  while  shooting 

      2. Port
      Full aluminum exclusive zoom port for Canon 16-35mm(16-35 zoom-port + 160mm

      dome port). Zoom-ring, focus dial controls are available from the port. Optical

      port is processed to avoid reflection and distortion of images.
      100mm macro port is designed to control zoom-ring and focus dial.

      3. Cineroid HD underwater external monitor
      It connects EOS-5D Mark3 to the monitor through HDMI terminal and it provides HD
      quality image with 1080i. 
          The monitor housing is designed to tilt 90o in four directions to provide
      comfortable shooting position.
          Various features on the menu are adjustable in underwater.
      Color levels(red, green, blue) of the monitor are available to adjust from 1 to

        It is available to adjust Brightness, Contrast, Chroma, Sharpness from the LCD

        A bulit-in speaker is combined on the right side of Cineroid-EVF. Master volume

      adjustable in underwater.
      Two modes of PEAKING function are available.
      The Red mode displays in red and the outline of the image would be accentuated

      white color in sharpness mode.
      Ratio can be selected from 4:3, 16:9, 2:1, 2.35:1 and custom from the crop guide.

      The reduce range is from 0.500 to 1,000. The background transparent range is from

      to 8.
      Over Scaling function magnifies the image up to 1.5x.
      Center marker(a cross shape indicator at the center of the screen) is available. 
      The screen size is adjustable with anamorphic lens.
      Color and zebra can be selected and displayed from Clip Guide.
      Available to adjust exposure level(over,sufficient, lack) in Threshshould mode.
      False Color function displays the range of exposure in six colors.

      Firm-ware upgrade is available.
      Screen Flip function is for turning the image upside down.
      Pixel To Pixel function maps the center of the image and display the native image

      the LCD screen by scaling up and down automatically.
      Underscan function is for checking out the details of the image. 
      Monochrome function is for convert the color of the image in one color.
      It is selectable between B&W, Blue, Red, Green in color mode.
      Display options including battery remaining indicator are adjustable.
      It is available to save the settings of a personal user. 
      4. HD-SDI OUT terminal for surface observation
      It connects 70m cable to Cineroid external monitor housing. 
      It allows HD video signal transmission to the surface.
      5. Cable for surface observation
      It is coated with tough nylon cover and a portable reel is included. HD signal is
      transmissible without any loss though 70m cable by BNC terminal and coaxial

      6. Okii camera controller(included)
      Okii camera controller is for using the functions below by operations of simple

      and dials while holding the housing with one hand. 
      It is connected to the camera through a line.
          In case of Okii system's breakdown, the camera can be operated by 15 pins, 4

      zoom-dial of the port and a focus dial on the housing. 
      · Controls focus by use of lens AF motor
      · Starts/stops video recording
      · Toggles live view on/off
      · Initiates image capture
      · Initiates autofocus and metering
      · Saves and returns to four focus points*
      · Cycles digital zoom 1x/5x/10x to aid in focusing
      · Adjusts focus step size and focus command send rate
      · Adjusts ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and exposure compensation
      · Adjusts focus zone positioning
      · 30+ hour battery life on two AAA alkaline batteries
      · 1/4”‐20 mount on back plate for rig mounting
      · CNC milled from 6061 aluminum
      · Approx. 4.7 oz(133g) total weight with included batteries
      · Made in USA
      7. 5D Mark-3 Housing specification
        ① Compatible device: Canon EOS-5D Mark3
        ② Material : marine grade aluminum, stainless-steel, acetal, copper
        ③ Manufacturing : CNC machining
        ④ Finishing : anodized after barrel sanding process
        ⑤ Color : black
        ⑥ Depth rating : 300m(main body)  


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